Olympus launches new E-30 DSLR Camera

Olympus, a famous camera manufacturer, is again in news for introducing its new Prosumer DSLR, Olympus E-30 Camera. This latest innovation in the digital camera world has all that is required to stand up against the competition.

Olympus E-30 Digital SLR Camera comes with a number of AF Points and a better viewfinder. The new E-30 comes fitted with a small albeit rotating screen. This camera features a redone f2.8 – 3.5 Zuiko 14 - 54 lens with less noise production.

Olympus E-30 islarger than E-520, both is width and height but is less tall than the E-3, thanks to its new viewfinder while isn't as big as the E-3 but has the same extremely fast AF system, it still sounds better than most of the others. The other obvious exterior feature is the camera’s tilt and swivel LCD. It’s a 2.7 inch, 230,000 dot unit, meaning it can show the same level of detail as the E-3, though not in the same league as the latest offerings from several other manufacturers that are beginning to feature 920,000 dots on screens of similar sizes. Like its mid range peers, a battery grip (HLD-4) is available. It also offers a distinctly professional 1/8000th sec fastest shutter speed and 1/250th sec maximum flash sync speed. The E-30 sounds like it might be a really nice camera. It also incorporates a flip-and-twist LCD, which makes Live View a lot more useful and which none of its big competitors offer. It has a built-in electronic level, like the Nikon D3.

Olympus E-30 DSLR Specifications :
  • Sensor : 12.3MP Live MOS
  • Color depth : 12-bit
  • ISO range : 100 – 3200 (100-1600 in auto)
  • Focal-length multiplier : 2x
  • Continuous shooting speed : 5 fps , 98% coverage
  • Viewfinder : 1.02x magnification, fixed focusing screen
  • AF : 11 zones (all cross-type)
  • Live View : Yes
  • LCD size : 2.7 inches, tilt and swivel
  • Approximately price : $1,299