New LEICA S2 System : 37 megapixels DSLR Professional Camera

Leica has announced a brand-new digital photographic system. The first camera in the new S-system, the 37-megapixel Leica S2, is aimed at the top-end professional photographer shooting advertising, fashion and other commercial work. Its sensor is 56% larger than those used in 35mm full-frame DSLRs.

Designed from scratch in consultation with professional photographers, the Leica S2 does not use a conventional medium format or 35mm platform. The S2’ bespoke Kodak CCD sensor has enabled the Leica designers to produce the smallest camera in its class, sitting between the Canon EOS 5D and 1Ds Mk III DSLRs in size. The Leica image processor developed with Fujitsu specifically for the Leica S2, allow the camera´s lenses, firmware and sensor to function at their optimum, producing market leading processing time and the highest level of picture quality with minimal energy output. Nine new lenses will be developed for the new Leica S-system.

There’s little doubt that Leica will produce a high quality camera and equally high quality lenses to go with it. Whether it will succeed in establishing a presence in the medium format digital market we may have to wait at least a year to see.

LEICA S2 Specifications :
  • Large 30x45mm sensor containing 37 million pixels
  • Small body similar to that of a professional 35mm DSLR
  • Weatherproof seals
  • 3" high-quality LCD screen
  • Dual shutter system – focal plane or leaf
  • Records files in open DNG format
  • Range of nine new lenses, including a 120mm macro, tilt-and-shift 30mm, 70mm f/2.5 standard lens and 24 mm ultrawide angle