Thanko Video Camera Analog Watch

Thanko released Video Camera Analog Watch 4GB memory, it looks totally normal from the outside but is able to record 2 hours of video through a mini camera which is capable of capturing both images and sounds.

That tiny digital video camera use synthetic leather band with watch the diameter of the ministry of 43mm, a 20mm wide belt with a total length 249mm, weight 80g also equipped with a microphone, USB port and also, 352 × 288 dots in the form of AVI video with sound recording. The bit rate of about 900kbps, the frame rate of 12 fps, the video codec H.263.

With a full 4-hour charging time, captured videos can be transfer to PC running XP/Vista via the USB port. This Thanko digital video camera wristwatch is available in Japan and it will cost $140.