GPS Mio C523 V2 Mitac, GPS for Motorcycle

Japan GPS industry, Mitac has introduced for upcoming release of their new GPS for motorcycle, MIO C523 V2. GPS Mio C523 V2 has a 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen, a 2GB flash internal memory, a 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen and a 1seg TV digital receiver. Mitac Mio C523 V2 GPS powered with Windows CE operating system running on Samsung 2440 processor and SiRF GPS chipset for GPS module.

The GPS for Motorcycle Mio C523 V2 is the successor to the last models, Mitac Mio C523 which only suitable only for the car, but the C523 V2 GPS also suitable for the motorcyclist and can be easily used by a biker. The GPS Mitac Mio C523 V2 will be on available sale starting from April 15 in Japan, and the GPS price 44,800 Yen or $447.