Sony PlayStation 2 Price $99.99 Starting Today

Sony Playstation

Sony Computer Entertainment today announced good news for gamers, Sony PlayStation 2 price will cut until $30 so you can buy Sony PS2 with the price only $99.99 starting today, 1st April. You can compare with the Sony Playstation2 previous price $129.99 and now with the price only
$99.99, it means you can save US$30. Since launching early 2000, Playstation 2 (some people better call as Sony PS2) is the most favorite game console at toy's industries. It has been sold more than 135 million units worldwide, from Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada and United States even in Africa.

After reduce price Sony Playstation 2, I hope Sony Corporation also will reduce the price Sony Playstation 3 next time. Please hurry up, run at your nearest game store and buy this console immediately.