Regza C8000 New Toshiba LCD TV Announced

Toshiba Japan has announced the new LCD HDTV models, Toshiba Regza C8000 series that will available in three sizes, 42-inch (42C8000 models), 37-inch (37C8000 models), and 32-inch (32C8000 models) and these HD television also packed with cutting-edge technology as well as produces an impressive picture. The new features from this LCD TV reduced power consumption up to 51% compared with its predecessor, series CV500s... also equipped with 120Hz panel technology. How much money must be paid for this beautiful Toshiba LCD TV? Approximately price of Toshiba Regza 42C8000 is 210,000 Yen, and Toshiba Regza 37C8000 is 180,000 Yen can you buy at the end of April in Japan. I hope Toshiba's customers from United States, Canada, Australia, Italy and United Kingdom also can buy this immediately. (source: toshiba)

More details of Toshiba Regza C8000 series as below :
- 42C8000 : 42” Full HD, 127kW/year consumption, 1300:1 dynamic contrast ratio
- 37C8000 : 37” Full HD, 119kW/year consumption, 1300:1 dynamic contrast ratio
- 32C8000 : 32” HD Ready 1366x768, 95kW/year consumption, 3000:1 dynamic contrast ratio