GPS Navigator INKEL W500

Inkel Corporation from Korea release a touchscreen navigation device, Inkel W500. Inkel W500 GPS navigation offers 2GB or 4GB of storage capacity and other features like as Eco-Drive monitor, Dual Map functionality, 3D map, and DMB TV tuner with Picture-in-Picture (PIP) so you can enjoy drive the car with GPS navigate and watching TV. It include real time traffic information and price monitor for 12, 000 gas stations in Korea, but I'm not sure this function will works in other country. Do you know how much money must be paid for this GPS navigator?

You can pay it with reasonable price... the Inkel W500 2GB price only 199,000 KRW ($130) and Inkel W500 4GB 239,000 KRW ($155). (source: inkel)