Dell Mini-Tower Inspiron Slim Desktop PC with Colors Option

Inspiron Slim

Dell Computer has announced new Dell Inspiron Slim and Mini-Tower desktop computers in eight vivid colors option, Tangerine Orange, Spring Green, Plum Purple, Piano Black, Pure White, True Blue, Formula Red and Promise Pink. If you're students, young professional workers or a person who want to need performance and lifestyle, I think this personal computer very suitable for you.

Dell Inspiron Slim Mini-Tower Specifications and Features :
- Intel Celeron, Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad options or AMD Sempron, Athlon X2, Phenom X4 processor options
- Integrated ATI Radeon or Intel graphics
- Up to 750GB storage disk-drive (slim tower), or up to 1TB storage disk-drive (mini-tower)
- Up to 8GB of RAM
- 2 USB ports in front, and 4 USB ports in back
- 19-in-1 media card reader (optional) and HDMI connectivity (optional)
- Dual optical options (only in mini-tower) including Blu-ray Disc drive

Dell Inspiron Slim and Dell Mini-Tower is not only eye catching, but also definitely worth to buying. The computer Dell Mini-Tower and Dell Inspiron Slim price starting from $299, you can buy at your nearest computer shop.