Aegis Mini 1.8-inch 240GB External Hard-Drive from Apricorn

Apricorn announced the new small 1.8-inch external hard-drive Aegis Mini 240GB that have 3.7 oz weights and measures only 17x68.5x86 mm. This is the new 1.8-inch Aegis Mini portable hard drive which have largest capacity. It runs at 4200RPM with 2MB buffer memory. Apricorn Aegis Mini doesn’t need any external power adapter to operate it because you can connect it to your laptop or PC via USB 2.0 interface or FireWire interface.

The Apricorn Aegis Mini is available now, 1.8" Ultra Portable Hard Drive with USB interface ( three optional storage capacities, 80GB, 160GB and 240GB) and 1.8" Ultra Portable Hard Drive with Firewire interface (80GB, 160GB and 240GB storage capacity) with starting price from $149. I think, this external hard-drive very suitable for you.. it's small, cheap and powerful. (source: apricorn)