The Shizuka Diamond, Biggest Diamonds Ever Sold in Asia

The 101.27 carats diamonds, rare shield-shaped F colour, VVS1 sold for HK$48,487,500 (US $6,211,249) on May 28, 2008 at Christie’s Hong Kong. The Shizuka Diamond, a new name of the diamond by its new owner as a gift for his wife of 16 years is the largest colourless diamond ever sold at auction in Asia. At the time of its sale it was the largest colourless diamond to have sold at auction anywhere in the world in nearly 20 years. Mounted into a tiara for its sale at Christie’s in May 2008, it was the leading highlight of the spring jewellery auction season. The sale of this important gem in Hong Kong rather than New York or Geneva was a testament to the vibrant Asia market and the growing number of collectors in the region. Cut from a daunting 460 carat rough to 101.27 carats, its unusual modified shield shape flaunts 92 brilliant facets. The Report from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certifies that it is F colour together with the highest standard for polish and symmetry, both rated Excellent, a testament to the skill of its cutters.

Christie’s has had the honour of selling many of the world’s greatest diamonds. Most recently it sold the famed Wittelsbach Diamond, a historic 17th Century cushion-shaped deep grayish blue, VS2 diamond of 35.56 cts which sold for £16,393,250 (US $24,311,190) in December 2008 in London, making it the most expensive jewel ever sold at auction. Christie's has been the world market leader in jewellery for 15 years, with sales
totalling a record US $383.5 million in 2008 ( 2007: US $394.7 million ). 2008 market share compared to its principal competitor: 64%, or 60% taking into consideration all major international auctioneers. Christie’s jewellery auctions take place in Amsterdam, Dubai, Geneva, Hongkong, London, New York, Paris, and Milan. source: christies