MSI X340 X600 X-Slim, Netbook or Notebook ?

MSI (Micro Star International) just released two super slim netbooks (or notebooks?) in China, MSI X-Slim X340 and MSI X-Slim X600. The X340 comes with a 13.4 inch display and the others has a 15.6 inch display. As we know, MSI is a Taiwan based computer hardware manufacture especially well known for desktop computer, motherboards, laptop notebook, netbook and also other hardwares. MSI will boast these netbooks with a more powerful Pentium-class chip, with the possibility of including Nvidia's ION platform as well.

If you can see the detail of X340 and X600, it looks like same as the MacBook Air from Apple, but MSI give affordable price, super-slim form factors and actually light-weight than Macbook. MSI X-Slim X340 have specifications weigh only 2.8 pounds with a four-cell battery and offers a sort of resolution 1366 x 768 pixel. It also boasts GMA4500 graphics with HDMI out and a ULV Penryn chip of unspecified Gigahertz. Unfortunately no information fixed price and dealers where we can buy it, but I got info it will price between range US $690 to $990.