Nanovision MIMO UM-710, UM-730 and UM-750 USB Display

Nanovision presents the MIMO USB LCD mini monitor which use DisplayLink technology to connect to your PC or Mac with nothing more than a USB cable. Nanovision MIMO is available in three models : the UM-710, UM-730 amd UM-750.

The Mimo UM-710 is an USB-powered 7 inch LCD screen, 800×480 WVGA resolution, 350cd/m2 brightness, 400:1 contrast, 16.7 million color and a USB connector. The Mimo UM-730 is the advanced model with all the features if the UM-710, with an additional 2 Megapixel webcam or DMB module and also stereo speakers and a microphone, together with a slightly different casing. Finally, the MIMO UM-750 is the luxury model. Other than the features of advanced model including webcam and DMB, the UM-750 has also a touch display.

The Mimo USB Display shows up in your Display Settings control panel just like any other monitor, and you can drag any window or widget onto it for your viewing pleasure. A great thing about this device is that you can even connect multiples to the same PC without need for any special video card. You can choose your orientation of your screen in vertical or horizontal position.