Clevery ST8 Mini, Atom Powered Desktop

Clevery ST8 Mini, a mini desktop from an electronic store at Akihabara Japan has been introduced. Clevery ST8 Mini is the BTO compact desktop with the Intel 945GC Express chipset motherboard, including the Intel Atom 330(1.6GHz) processor, 500GB of hard disk drive (SATA with 7200rpm) and also you will get 2GB of RAM in this latest ATOM desktop.

The casing is slightly larger than that of the Eee Box, true, but that does leave room for an optical drive or extra storage. If you don't like Atom processor, you can upgrade to Core 2 Duo E7300 or a E8400. The ST8 Mini has a 300W power supply, you can get this desktop with reasonable price, only 34,800 yen (US$ 375).

Then, what are you waiting for if you are making a plan to buy a desktop then it is great option for you.