Packard Bell iPower X2.0 Gaming Desktop PC release in Christmas 2008

Packard Bell, one of the leading technology brands in Europe, has sent a strong signal to the gaming community with the launch of the ipower X2.0 desktop gaming system which have stunning combination of power, graphic performance, state-of-the-art cooling and ergonomics, designed to bring excitement at its highest level gamers.

Packard Bell iPower X2.0 PC created a magnificent black chassis with gloss finish. The system’s inner secrets, including its components and build quality – are visible through a translucent siding with red LED trim lights

The Asetek liquid cooling system enables the ipower X2.0 to deliver maximum power with maximum safety to avoid overheating because the chassis design, the components can operate at their best at the right temperature. Factory sealed, this new liquid-cooling system gives the ipower X2.0 a low noise footprint and more efficient heat dispersion. Three highly efficient and silent 120mm fans with intelligent power management generate optimal airflow. The disks are cooled using direct airflow, the graphic cards spaced apart and the cables run along the back of the chassis.

Packard Bell iPower X2.0 comes equipped with the latest GPUs, including the GeForce 9800GX2. It is powered by the latest Intel Core 2 Quad or Intel Core 2 Extreme processors. The ipower X2.0 is available with 500GB to 3TB of storage capacity, a 21-in-1 card reader, E-SATA port, Blu-ray 3 Disc drive, 7.1 HD audio system, hybrid TV tuner and a gaming keyboard and mouse. It include with the Packard Bell Premium Deluxe Pack of software, which includes many games: EA Need For Speed and EA Crysis, Activision Call of Duty 4, Splinter Cell, Graw2, Rayman Raving Rabbits. The Pack also features Adobe Photoshop Elements 6, Norton Internet Security 2008 and Microsoft Works 9, and online services, such as Carbonite online backup and Metaboli downloadable games

The ipower X2.0 will be available in Europe in Christmas 2008. Prices will range from €999 to €1799 and over.