NVIDIA Quadro FX 5800 - Most Powerful Graphic Card Ever

Nvidia graphics producers to make a surprise return. Some time ago they released a graphics card FX 5600 series which is now valued U.S. $ 2000 - and could reach U.S. $ 7,000 if application is made specifically for the broadcast (broadcast). Now they again announced a professional graphics card, which claimed as the most sophisticated in the history of graphic. The price? It is estimated U.S. $ 3,500!

What bands played formidable sets? Quadro FX 5800 has a 240 processor is the first graphics card equipped with 4GB of RAM GDDR3. Memory bandwidth, it becomes extraordinary, 102GB/detik.

According to the nVidia card has a new fill rate of above 52 billion Texel per second and offers performance geometry 300 million triangle per second. Meanwhile, consumption of 189 watts charged.

Then who disasar nvidia with the new bid? Of course, big companies are very dependent on high-performance graphics, which use applications that are keeping the memory bandwidth.

However, if the bid is considered less at the top, NVIDIA have another, namely, the 1U Quadro Plex 2200 Visual Computing System S4. Aimed at the company minyal and gas exploration, medical imaging and application styling and design, this system includes four GPU Quadro FX 5800 and also four other core features: 16GB memory and 960 processors. Nvidia claim, the system is available in December with the future price of U.S. $ 14,995 is able to process 1.2 gigabytes per second triangle.